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Mr. Mohd. Rafi, Managing Director of Delhi based Abdullah Lighting System shares his views on the
growing popularity of LED’s in India. He also elaborates Abdullah Lighting System’s commitment to
provide customized lighting solutions to its customers.

Mr. Rafi said, “Until recently, LED’s were limited to single bulb use in applications such as instrument
panels, electronics, pen lights and more recently, strings of indoor and outdoor Christmas lights.
Manufacturers have expanded the application of LEDs by using the same for general purpose lighting
such as LED down lights as replacement to the CFL, T5/T8 Tube Ceiling Lights etc. Today, LED lights are
made using array of LED’s and encased in diffuser lenses which spread the light in wider beams.

He added that LED lights also use between 50 and 80 percent less energy than an incandescent
bulb. “LED lights are considerably less expensive to operate over its life time with virtually zero
maintenance. LED Lights do not cause heat build-up; LEDs produce 3-4 btu’s/hour, compared to 85 for
incandescent bulbs. This also cuts down on air conditioning costs in the home, office, shop etc.

Mr. Rafi emphasized that LED Lights are four times more efficient than a regular incandescent light bulb
and last 10 times as long. Small size of the LED light source coupled with latest trends in electronic LED
drivers, manufacturers are able to design LED light fixtures which are much more compact and sleek
compared to other conventional lighting sources.

Mr. Rafi pointed out that LED lights are most suitable for the solar lighting because of the low power
requirement. Using solar panels becomes more practical and less expensive than running an electric line
or using a generator for lighting.

Mr. Rafi shared that customers are seeking LED lights to be used for the following applications :
a) Cove Lighting : LED flexible strips are now being used in abundance for cove lighting due to its low
cost and flexible construction. It is becoming a perfect replacement to tube lights which were used up to
b) Replacement for halogen bulbs : A 35 watt halogen bulb is easily replaced by a 6W LED bulb thus
saving more than 80% energy. Besides, halogen bulbs have a lifetime of maximum 5000 hours compared
to 50.000 hours of that of its replacement LED Lamp.
c) LED Down Lights
d) LED Street Lights
In reply to question, Mr. Rafi said that the areas that would greatly benefit from the energy-saving
characteristics of LEDs would definitely be street lighting. Façade lighting for building, monuments etc.
and as replacements for halogens and tube lights in interior lighting.

Mr. Mohd. Rafi told ELE Times that people in general are more aware of the existence of an LED and
its use for different lighting applications. Till now people thought that LEDs were only being used for
panel lights, traffic lights and torch lights. But with the internet, magazines, exhibitions, imports from
China, and education by Indian LED lighting manufacturers, people have realized the full potential of LED
lighting. Architects, interior decorators and electrical consultants are more aware about the technology
and have contributed the most in spreading awareness as they are directly responsible in implementing

replacement of conventional lights with LED lights in most of there designs. The government has also
played its role in giving excise benefits to LED light manufacturers and in implementing solar lights and
LED street light programmes.

“Because of the diverse use of the LED’s and the flexibility in designing lighting fixtures, we receive 1-
2 calls per day to meet the customized requirement of the customer using LED lights. For example, a
hotelier wished to incorporate LED strip lights with battery back up in the serving trays used in their
restaurant for use in events held at night. They also needed LED light with battery to be placed on each
of the tables replacing candles. This is one of the many calls that we get, “said Mr. Rafi. “We are well
equipped with R&D engineering team and well backed up with sophisticated software and equipments.
We also have regular liaisons with leading LED, optics. LED driver semiconductor manufacturers who
give their technical help as when required”, he added.

However, Mr. Rafi warned that the LED industry is witnessing cheap imports from China as many
traders fly to China for purchasing LED lights without having any knowledge of the product and end
up importing cheap products which do not even meet minimum quality standards expected from a
quality LED lighting product. “These products are sold without any guarantee and do not last long. There
are also many small manufacturers who go into manufacturing of LED lights without understanding
the technicalities of the LED and how the heat management and proper electronics is important for
optimum performance of the LED. Badly designed LED lighting products end up in overheating, faster
lumen depreciation, light discoloration and a much shorter life time.

“We at Abdullah Lighting System provide up to 3 years of warranty with option of repair and after sales
service even after the warranty period thus providing full value to the customer who is spending hard
earned money on a new technology.”

ELE Times International (New Delhi Print Media)
September/October 2011
Page No.

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